What we offer

Highlights & Same-day Edits

We love movies and if you do as well get excited! Our highlights are short films with a story that will keep viewers entertained with stunning shots with our extraordinary equipment featuring a 4K Drone! We have several options available to ensure the most creative production of your personal short film, we discuss the collective vision and then we produce it.

Multiple Cameras

We ensure smooth transitions throughout your entire film with multiple cameras, included in every package with no additional cost! Having two or more cameras ensures we capture flawless entrances and special scenes. It also lets us mix the live feed at your event which allows us to be at two or more places at once.

Special Add-ons

Enjoy the extras menu in your final product by chooses one or more of our special add-ons which include:

● Bloopers

● Performances

● Highlights

● Any other requests!

Ask us about our Partners:

At Mirror Image, we are proud of the strong network we have in the wedding and special event industry. Book with us and take advantage of great package offers with our partners. We work with photographers, décor/event decorators, photo-booth operators, hall owners and DJ’s! Let us know and we’ll work out a great deal for you.